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About Beth

Beth Houghton founded  Bendy Berry Yoga in 2009 - a unique and playful introduction to yoga for kids.  She worked her way through several careers (film, tech. teaching, non-profit ) before deciding on her final career of teaching yoga to kids. She loves bringing calmness, stillness and humor to both teaching and practicing yoga. Beth has been practicing yoga for 11 years.  She was certified to teach children's yoga by Karma Kids Yoga, based in New York City in 2009. Beth received her certification to teach adult yoga in 2011 by completing 200 hours of training through Yoga Alliance and Flying Yoga Shala under Laura Camp. Beth enjoys working with kids of all ages and abilities.  She lives in Oakland with her husband and two little yoginis - her best teachers.  Her family reminds her to breathe deeply and laugh regularly - supporting, teaching and humbling her every day.

About Bendy Berry Yoga 

Bendy Berry yoga began in 2009, when several parents at her daughter's school suggested the kids might like a yoga class in the after school program. The program took off, soon spreading to several elementary schools and preschools in the Oakland and Berkeley area.  Bendy Berry yoga is a children's introduction to yoga -  a mindful exercise class which teaches children the basics of yoga, including breathing, history, language, postures and meditation.  Beth began Bendy Berry as a way to share yoga with the youngest generation, in the hope that kids will take the important lessons of yoga with them throughout their lives. Beth hopes to open an all children's yoga studio in the next couple of years, creating a permanent home for Bendy Berry Yoga.

About Yoga 

Yoga came out of India more than 5000 years ago.  Myth says that teachers of ancient Hindu texts would teach little boys to memorize the texts....orally and by memory only.  As one would expect, the little boys would fidget and become restless after hours of endless repetition. Early yoga began in the forest, where teachers would take these bored young acolytes to calm the senses, the mind and the body. The children would observe nature, mimicking animals and objects around them - the rocks, the trees, the bugs, bending their bodies to become nature. After practicing asanas (postures), teachers found that students could sit still longer, with greater concentration and renewed mental acuity. 

Bendy Berry Yoga is a child-centered introduction to yoga which respects this early yogic philosophy and tradition. We follow the natural rhythms of children's energy, but we guide and focus that energy into stillness, mindfulness and fun.  We use breath, poses and meditations to teach the beginning principles of yoga, but we also sing, play, breathe and yoga boogie.  We do this because we believe that working with a child's natural rhythm is the best way to teach a little person to listen to his/her mind and body  - something which all children must discover if they are to navigate this increasingly complex and chaotic world. 
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